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The 3 R’s: Reading, Rambling and Reviewing

Sorry folks, I’m stepping down my review schedule. As I would hope you are aware, to review books, you have to read them. I was reviewing books once a week because I had a backlog of books to write about. Every time I read a book I take notes so I can reference them and… Continue reading The 3 R’s: Reading, Rambling and Reviewing

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Cursed Child…

*WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* *SPOILERS BELOW* *WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* That should be enough to cover the intro, yeah? Cool. Major questions: Yes, I have read the Cursed Child. Yes, I did like it. Yes, I did have some issues with various parts. No, I don’t know how to review it… Continue reading Cursed Child…

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Hello world! I’m gonna get ya!

OK, so stealing a headline from AVPM is probably a bad way to start anything new, but hey, if you’re gonna provide me with an existing headline that says ‘Hello world!’, I’m going to fill in the blank with a Voldemort line. How are we all? Sitting comfortably? Everyone got a cup of tea? (or… Continue reading Hello world! I’m gonna get ya!