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Classic’s Corner

Welcome to Classic’s Corner! Yep that’s the cheesy name I’ve gone for, that’s happening now.

My new year’s resolution was to read one ‘Classic’ novel a month this year, so hopefully I will have read twelve of the most revered and beloved books by the end of the year.I’m not necessarily sticking to classical era classics, some modern classics may make an appearance, who knows. At the moment, I don’t. This is a ‘wing it’ list, rather than a premeditated one.

This is the platform I have chosen to document the assent of my intelligence, obviously my IQ will rise with each novel that I finish, until I am a being of godlike proportions and above such mere mortals whose favourite books are the Harry Potter series.

First up is Thomas Hardy’s Far From The Madding Crowd because it was already on my Kindle. I’m not going to do starred reviews of these books, they’re so old it seems kind of pointless and they are all considered classics, so giving them anything less than a 5 star review would just be asking for an argument right?


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