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Book Review: My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend – Eleanor Wood

Hey, remember when I said I wanted to read less YA and more adult books?

*flashback to 3 months ago.

Int. Day. volcano lair. Jemmer puts down book and raises arms in exasperation.

Jemmer: I want to read less YA and more adult books!*

See, I did say that. Well anyway I almost immediately went and picked up another YA book. But it’s fine, because it wasn’t my usual read and it helped get me out of the slump i was in. Win, win, right?

“Geeky girl meets famous boy . . . what could go wrong?rockstar
From one girl’s blog to the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival, this is a love story for anyone who has ever wished that someone would sing a love song just for them.
Dreams can come true…”

My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend is an entertaining, charming, cheesy ride through the slightly reckless (but really who are we kidding, we’d all do the same) life of average teenager, Tuesday Cooper.

Tuesday-yes-that-is-her-real-name runs a music blog with a readership of 4 people (hey! twinsies!), one day she posts about her favourite band and the lead singer just happens to find it, while googling himself. He leaves a comment and plot ensues from there (if Gerard Way wants to leave a comment on here, I’d be more than happy to reply).

I’ve described this book to my friends as “like watching a Disney Channel Original Movie”. It’s basically Notting Hill for the Instagram generation. It’s light and fluffy and readable and ultimately has a lovely moral at the end. There are parts that will make you swoon, parts that will make you cringe and parts that are just #relatable (using The Fault in Our Stars movie as a way to make yourself cry, for example. What? No, I’ve never done that. What are you talking about? Don’t be ridiculous. *shifting nervously*). I think what I like most about this book is that it’s actually quite realistic, I mean it’s probably not realistic that Harry Styles* would find a blog post about himself and then proceed to woo the author, but in every other way, it is quite realistic. The people have more than one side to them, the things that happen (without spoilers) are pretty accurate, if this had happened to me during my A Levels, I probably would have done the same thing.

Overall this is an easy-to-read cheese fest, perfect for the beach or something. It’s not ground breaking, the references will date fairly quickly and it doesn’t exactly promote smart thinking, but it’s cute, it’s wish fulfillment and there is just a hint of the age-old adage: Never Meet Your Heroes. I enjoyed it and it got me out of a reading slump, so it’s not all bad. 3 Stars.

3/5 ***

*sn: This book is not about Harry Styles.


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