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I Wanna Be The Very Best…

…like no on ever was.

Hi guys, sorry I’ve been a bit quiet recently, there’s a mild reading slump going on, which shouldn’t affect my ability to write about books I’ve already read, but the last 2 on the list are books I couldn’t finish. Not finishing them is making me A) not want to pick up anything else on my TBR pile, and B) reluctant to write about them because not finishing a book is kind of an obvious indication that I didn’t like it. I’m scared to write a bad review because I don’t want to offend anyone by slating something they enjoyed, but that is life, right? Everyone has different opinions and should be respectful of other people’s views, sadly that’s not always the case. I will still do it, gotta keep those typing muscles on form, gotta keep in the zone. I’ll attempt to be unbiased.

The other reason I’ve been slightly AFK, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, is that I’ve been a bit of a Pokemaniac recently, between Pokemon GO, the cartoon and the game I haven’t been reading much, sorry. I did catch a Jigglypuff though, so that’s evened out right?

This is kind of a nonsense post, but it was just supposed to be a short note to say hi and that I haven’t abandoned my posts, just been a bit off topic recently. Hopefully I’ll be back into it this week and be throwing reviews all over the place!

Laterz =]


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