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Emotional Rollercoaster

Ok, So I seriously doubt anyone will care that I’m about to miss a book, but I just finished reading The Death Cure by james Dashner and OMG! asdfghjkl.

Having survived the Maze and the Scorch our intrepid heroes are told the Trials are finally over,that a cure is just around the corner and everything will be rosey. Yay them! Don’t get your hopes up though yeah?

When you read the line ‘He couldn’t help but think that from here on things would improve’ on page 15, you know shits about to go down.

Why do they need to develop a cure anyway? The virus was man-made right? Why didn’t they create a cure at the same time, in case it accidentally got loose and infected some important people and then the world went to shit… Oh… wait…

Seriously, that series was so windy, I’d be ambling along like ‘right, yeah I know what’s going to happen’ then BOOM! Fuck you, bitch, here’s a curve ball!

I Don’t want to give too much away because, spoilers, but can I please just take this opportunity to say:


I mean, neither are they as evil as they have been made out, but seriously, that is not something good people do! Also, that is the worst government ever in the history of dystopic futures. Why would you do that?!


I will forever ship Newtmas, a relationship that was, in my opinion, better developed than either of the main ‘love interests’ and I was genuinely heart broken by how that one turned out.

I realise this is a rambling post, mostly me trying to access the feelz that just occurred when I finished the book. I apologise. Thanks for reading if you got this far. One day you will be awarded a shiny gold star for your efforts.

On a more rational level, I really enjoyed this series. It’s fast paced and keeps you reading right up to the last page. There are some things that still grate on me, such as the use of invented swear words, but it’s easy to look past that once you get into the plot. And OH DEAR LORD what a plot! I loved it, What else can I say? I had trouble putting all three books down and have read them all in the space of about 2 weeks, most of the time while I should have been doing something more productive.

Yeah, this really is a rambling review, isn’t it? Ok. I’ll leave now.

Laters’ shuck face.


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