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I am that person who has a constantly expanding ‘too be read’ pile of books.

I just keep buying more and then not reading the ones I’ve already got. My new years resolution for this year was to read the pile I have and to not buy any more until I’d done it. I broke that about a week later, I’m just terrible for it. The worst part is that I go back and reread books that I loved in an active effort to procrastinate reading something new. Like it’s a chore. Like I’m still at school and this is the reading list I’ve been set by my teacher and it has nothing interesting on it. I bought them! You’d think I would actually want to read the buggers.

I think the reason I never manage to read any of them is because I get fed up with the current book I’m reading and that dissuades me from wanted to read anything similar. Or at all in some cases. If I’m reading a book and it’s failing to keep me interested, or the characters are annoying me, or the writing style is pissing me off, I’ll put it down and forget about it. But if it happens three or four books in a row I give up on reading. I love books, I love stories and the fictional universes I get to inhabit with them, but when the story isn’t holding my attention I forget why I love them. It takes me finding another really epic novel to pique my interest again and by that time the paperbacks on my TBR pile aren’t shouting for my attention as they once were. And that’s sad.

So this is my public declaration. I will not buy another book until I have read at least 3 from that pile. I am working on it. (I may also be that person who has three books on the go at once, just for a change of pace once in a while). I was going to declare that I would not buy another book until I had read all of the ones on the shelf (and the kindle) but that seemed a bit unrealistic. i am self aware enough to realize that just wouldn’t happen, so I think 3 is a good start. For now.

Maybe i should name the 3… That seems a bit specific and restrictive though. If I can’t bring myself to read one of the 20, one of the 3 would be even harder. Maybe not, just chose one and hope.

The Japanese have a word for book hoarders: Tsundoku. If there is a word for it, surely that means I’m not alone? Surely that means there are others out there, like me, with a never ending pile of new things to read. Yay, I’m normal!


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